August 27, 2013

Whew! This is slow work!... Still......

...I've managed to list another 130 or so titles/items so far - Please feel free to have a look around!  :)

PS - I have some other title's, eg. "Rocky's Boots" and "Peter Beardsley's (Disk)" to name just two, and I know that these in particular are rare, but not exactly how much they're worth - so at present I can't list titles like these, for a) fear of offending people, and b) fear of shooting myself in the foot, price-wise!...

As always, if you're looking for something that has not yet been listed, I may have it, so might be worth popping me an email in the meantime, as I'm realistically not going to be able to list a lot of stuff very quickly unless I can sort some kind of bulk lister out...  :(

Well, I've only touched the tip of the iceberg, so will try to crack on with more listings over the week (still another 100 or so more titles photographed, but not yet listed), and many, many more to photograph...

NOTE! - If you're a casual gamer just nipping over to the Cavern, with a view to getting back into your retro fix, or just looking to grab some games you loved back in the day - if you think a particular title may look expensive, please be aware that certain packaging versions / disk versions of a game are MUCH rarer, and so command higher prices - if in doubt, please ask, as I may well have the normal price, regular release version of the item you might be looking at!  :)

All the best!



August 25, 2013

Right.... Zzzzzz.... I'm off to bed! - Listed 40+ items, but photographed about 200...

....more to list tomorrow, but it's slow going amending all of the photo's and listing items one by one - the bulk lister doesn't work easily for unique items, which is pretty much every one of my listings, due to photographing each one....  :(

Also added a "NEW" category - anything I list in the next few weeks will appear in here (and ONLY new things I've listed appear in here), and it's clickable from the HOME page!  :)
All the best!

August 24, 2013

Busy busy yesterday and today! - photographing like crazy!

Well, photographed 100+ items, photographing more and will upload them to the store tonight!

Got several unusual / rarer games to add in amongst this lot, 2 x boxed C64 modems (1 with receipt!), nice condition music maker keyboard, etc...

PS - Woke up this morning to some more orders! - Thanks guys!



August 22, 2013

Well, finally getting there, and selling some items! :)

At last I'm seeing some visitors, so I'm really pleased it's starting to attract interest!

Thanks to all of you who paid a visit, and more importantly, bought some stuff!

I know I don't have a *huge* amount of stuff listed at this point, so I'll be photographing a LOAD of stuff over the weekend, and over the next week or so, I'm hoping to double what I've got listed! -

Special thanks must go to my fellow Lemoner's at Lemon 64 for coming over and supporting me!:-

...and massive thanks to Frank Gasking, over at Games That Weren't, for the linking and credits sharing for this great result:-

Once again, thanks to all of you!

PS - as it's pretty much required these days, I've also created a Facebook page for the Cavern, so feel free to nip over and suggest any links of interest, ideas for the store, etc, or just to say hello!:-

Oh yeah, and it'll soon have some 'cavern-like' graphics, at last!...  ;)

All the best!


August 18, 2013

FINALLY! - I've managed to add many international destinations, so you can order directly now and get the correct shipping costs at checkout!

Loads of shipping destinations added now guys!

PS - Please note that EVERY item I sell is weighed on a high-precision weighing scale, and that weight is added to the database, so you ONLY pay the EXACT shipping costs I get charged, for the EXACT combined weight in grams, of your items - this I think you'll agree is a 100% fair rate for shipping!

As all calculations are based on Royal Mail's prices, if I find any instances where the auto-calculated shipping costs would actually be cheaper for you via another carrier (for example a large or heavy bulk buy!), then I will of course check into alternative tracked options, and give you a shout before I ship, to see if you'd prefer that, and if so I'll refund the difference!


Well, it took all weekend, but I've so far added:-



France, Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Hungary

Rest Of World  (This is for all countries not specified above, that Royal Mail charge as "World Zone 1")

As before, as each country has to have ALL of the rates added manually, per weight bracket, 250gm steps up to 2kg, this takes AGES! - if you'd like to purchase, and are in Europe, but your country has not yet been added, then please drop me a line, and I'll add it as soon as I get your email!

All the best!


August 18, 2013

Whoops - my shipping blog didn't seem to have kept my content - here's what I meant to say below!:-

I've so far added "Rest Of World", "France", "Germany", and "Norway", and will be adding the rest of the main European countries this weekend...

As each country has to have ALL of the rates added manually, if you'd like to purchase, and are in Europe, but your country has not yet been added, then please drop me a line, and I'll add it as soon as I get your email!

Please also note that the prices I have put in are JUST for airmail postage, and that I will get proof of posting for all purchases sent, to cover myself.  If you would rather have a signed-for delivery, Royal Mail charges a whopping £5.30 on top for this, so I will see if I can place it as an extra service that can be selected if desired.  (Failing this, you can email me at the time of purchase, and I'll take a separate payment for it, then send it this way?)...

I've done this so that the postage fees are kept as low as I can manage, so please understand that I'm NOT a shop, just a collector, and as such I have no access to cheap signed-for services (or cheaper postage, for that matter  :(   ).

Therefore, the best advice I can give is that if you order larger amounts, then:-

   a) it's normally cheaper broken down per item to post, and...

   b) it's then probably worth paying the £5.30 signed for amount...

Of course, for the rarer/more expensive items I have for sale, it's probably worth adding "International Signed For" anyway, and on this note, please read below:-

PLEASE NOTE! - For orders over £100, I will pay the signed-for fee for ONE package - ie. anything less than 2.01kg combined! - that's like an additional 5% discount!  ;)

August 17, 2013

Aaargh! - I'm having to bite the bullet, and add shipping destinations manually... Please bear with me!

August 15, 2013

I'm still having a nightmare trying to sort out suitable shipping rates, sooooo...

If any overseas buyers/visitors are here, what I've realised I can do is take an order from you, and refund the difference once I've found out the postage costs to your corner of the world?

I'm the first to admit that this isn't ideal, but at least it gives my overseas buyers a chance to painlessly purchase items, and rest assured I WILL refund any difference immediately after finding out the ACTUAL, real-world postage cost...

Alternatively, I'm toying with the idea of shipping NOT being included in the initial purchase/payment, then I can calculate it once you complete your purchases, and get back to you with the exact costs from Royal Mail/Courier, to get your package to you securely?

Again, my apologies, but I'm talking to a brick wall as far as getting my host to simplify/automate the none-US / UK shipping rates creation for the site...  :(


Thanks for stopping by, and take care!

July 10, 2013

Well, my day job took loads of my time....

...So I've not been able to do much more updating of the site (was, unusually, covering an office abroad!) :(

...hopefully this weekend, I'll have the chance to photograph a LOAD of items, then upload those listings over the coming week...

Please stay tuned - I'm intending to get ahead on this as fast as I can, now I'm at least back in the UK!

Please note - for the sake of convenience, and buyers abroad being able to purchase items NOW, I added a blanket postal price for abroad - please note that this is NOT the price I will charge, but that if buyers wish to purchase items and pay the total given, I will then purchase postage based on the EXACT weight and dimensions once parceled up, attach proof of costs, and REFUND *ALL* OF THE EXCESS as soon as I have booked and purchased the postage for their package.

Hopefully, this is acceptable until I find a better solution, but please, please, feel free to get in touch if you have any queries/concerns!

I stress, I'm a reputable (nearly ex) Ebay seller, with 1,200+ positive feedbacks and absolutely NO negatives - I'm also a trusted member of the Lemon 64 forum, and hopefully this reassures yourselves...   :)



June 20, 2013

Image problems (almost) sorted... I'll (finally!) be adding much more content soon guys...   :)

In addition to this, I know that I urgently need to enter international postage details - my apologies for the delay in doing this, but as an example - at present if I add 'Europe', it adds an entry for every single country in Europe, and I have to manually create (not even copy!) and add the 15 or so shipping rates for each country - I'm liaising with my shop provider about this, as frankly, it's ridiculous...  :(

Please bear with me - I will get there, just not quite yet due to these issues!