August 27, 2013

Whew! This is slow work!... Still......

...I've managed to list another 130 or so titles/items so far - Please feel free to have a look around!  :)

PS - I have some other title's, eg. "Rocky's Boots" and "Peter Beardsley's (Disk)" to name just two, and I know that these in particular are rare, but not exactly how much they're worth - so at present I can't list titles like these, for a) fear of offending people, and b) fear of shooting myself in the foot, price-wise!...

As always, if you're looking for something that has not yet been listed, I may have it, so might be worth popping me an email in the meantime, as I'm realistically not going to be able to list a lot of stuff very quickly unless I can sort some kind of bulk lister out...  :(

Well, I've only touched the tip of the iceberg, so will try to crack on with more listings over the week (still another 100 or so more titles photographed, but not yet listed), and many, many more to photograph...

NOTE! - If you're a casual gamer just nipping over to the Cavern, with a view to getting back into your retro fix, or just looking to grab some games you loved back in the day - if you think a particular title may look expensive, please be aware that certain packaging versions / disk versions of a game are MUCH rarer, and so command higher prices - if in doubt, please ask, as I may well have the normal price, regular release version of the item you might be looking at!  :)

All the best!





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