August 15, 2013

I'm still having a nightmare trying to sort out suitable shipping rates, sooooo...

If any overseas buyers/visitors are here, what I've realised I can do is take an order from you, and refund the difference once I've found out the postage costs to your corner of the world?

I'm the first to admit that this isn't ideal, but at least it gives my overseas buyers a chance to painlessly purchase items, and rest assured I WILL refund any difference immediately after finding out the ACTUAL, real-world postage cost...

Alternatively, I'm toying with the idea of shipping NOT being included in the initial purchase/payment, then I can calculate it once you complete your purchases, and get back to you with the exact costs from Royal Mail/Courier, to get your package to you securely?

Again, my apologies, but I'm talking to a brick wall as far as getting my host to simplify/automate the none-US / UK shipping rates creation for the site...  :(


Thanks for stopping by, and take care!