October 31, 2013

Right! - I've made a one-off reduction in ALL of my prices so far - take advantage of it!

Basically, this larger, universal price reduction will replace my existing "Lemon" discount! - Almost all (99%) of my prices are now at LEAST 20-25% less, and in some cases, up to 40% lower, than I originally set them after comparing other sites' prices.
This should mean that you, as a buyer, get a really good deal, and I (reluctantly) clear up my (admittedly lovely, retro) clutter that bit faster!

Take a look, but this is definitely a one-off, so that I can now start listing more items using a similar pricing philosophy to what they now are.

All the best!




PS - 1,300 items listed so far! - still slow going I know, but I am only a lone one-man operation!

October 21, 2013

Just to reassure you guys - if you land on my "Recently Added" page....

For some reason the page seems to not be displaying all of the options at the top - ie. I've added Amiga games and Atari ST games, but they're not currently showing as 'drill-down' options.
I'm checking into why this is - I suspect someone's broken some feature, but in the meantime, if you select the system you'd like, on the left, THAT logic works fine.

My apologies! :(

Right! - Just about to list more stuff!...   :)

September 30, 2013

Okay! - 1700 photo's taken, just cropping, etc...

Well, that that an RSI-inducing weekend - I don't even want to SEE my camera again for a few days!

The good news is that I'll start adding lots of new listings here from tomorrow - finally!

PS - 1,700 photo's equals about (roughly) 350-400 additions...   :)

Some Amiga, C64, C64 Disk, Atari ST, and even a fair few Megadrive titles...    Watch this space!

PS - For all of your computer-only or console-only searching sessions - I'll be adding tags for console stuff, to make it easier/separate it fully from computer-related items.

This way you won't have to wade through page after page of items which are nothing to do with computers, and vice-versa...   (Not such an issue now, but will definitely be an issue as I add more and more stuff, so best to catch it early!)

If I can get it working how I want to, you'll be able to select (in addition to the normal systems selections on the left), an additional pair of catalog start points, either "Computer Stuff" or "Console Stuff", then drill down from there! - easy!...   :)




September 24, 2013

The dangers of old SD cards! :(

Hmm...  took 300-ish photo's, put the card in my Pc, and they're all garbled/garbage!  Arrgh!!!!

So tonight I'll mostly be photographing, the same flippin' stuff I spent time and effort photographing at the weekend...  :(

Oh well, it will soon be on JRC though! - as a heads-up, it's mainly stuff I had close to hand, like lots of ST stuff, some C64 and Amiga, and some C64 disk stuff...


September 17, 2013

850+ Live Items now, with a fair bit of variety... :)

...and I know I have AGES to go, but I'm trying to speed up the process - hoping to hit over 1,000 items by the weekend, but it's been a manic week at work...

Thanks as always for stopping by and taking a look!

...my thought for the day was...  "Sales are currently slow, but just HOW much would these have cost me so far to list (and re-list, and re-list), ahem...  'elsewhere'?" - Normally no free insertions for fixed price items, etc...

So even if I didn't sell ANYTHING, I'm still up!


September 10, 2013

Been busy trying to re-organise the site over the weekend, but...

...I will be adding lots more of that newly-photographed stuff this week, starting from tonight!

Thanks for the positive feedback guys, much appreciated!

September 08, 2013

BIG changes (for the better!) to the way things are laid out and accessed - hope you like it! :)

Thanks to my really good mate who's a dab hand at web development, the site's now got a MUCH better 'flow'!...  :)

Give it a spin, and let me know what you think! - Graphically, it looks way different to before, and will still change (colour scheme, graphics, etc) moving forward.  The important thing is that you can now EITHER drill down from Hardware, Software, etc, to your preferred system(s), OR alternatively, you can pick your system from the left-hand menu, and select which type of stuff you're looking for, for that system only! - Hopefully this makes it waaaay easier to navigate! :)

PS - The "Most Recently Added" section now makes more sense too! - It will show ALL items I've listed on here, but sorted Newest to Oldest, and again you can select ALL stuff, or drill down to only the system of systems/categories YOU are interested in!  :)

NOTE:- A limitation of this shop solution code is the need to list multiple format games under ALL of their formats! - This is why the site may confuse you by throwing up an ATARI option, for example, when browsing C64 games - as I have a copy of Elektraglide with BOTH versions on - Same for Shadowfire, for example - it's both a C64 *AND* Spectrum version!  :)

Oh, and I listed a few more items! - 700+ now on here, and another 150-200 or so to put onover the coming week, more if possible! - Lots of BBC disk games, Amiga and ST games, some VIC 20, and more C64 and Speccie stuff - not massive amounts of each, but a nice varied selection!  :)

All the best!


September 05, 2013

Right! - added more stuff! - now 650+ items, and loads more to go... :)

PS - I've figured out how to get the "LATEST ADDED" page to show in order of NEWEST FIRST - makes a lot more sense!  :)

Hopefully this is more useful, now that I've added a load - ie. you can view pages until you get to the stuff you've already seen!

Cheers all!


August 28, 2013

Heh heh!.... maybe I shouldn't have jumped the gun....

...it seems like it's a general issue with the Lemon site - probably not the best page for it to redirect everyone to though, but hey - I'm guessing the Lemon mods are sick of getting emails from 'suspended' users! - Sorry guys!  ;)

...at least I know it's not just me....   :)





August 28, 2013

Well, I appear to have been suspended from Lemon 64's forum....

I honestly can't think why, so I'm hoping it's an automated over-eager script...

If not, then I'd sincerely like to know what I did, to so easily be demoted from a helpful and friendly loooong-term Lemon user, to **SUSPENDED**, in a heartbeat?

Ah well, I'm sure it'll get sorted, and in the meantime this is mainly for the benefit of my fellow forum users who ordered stuff from me.   I've posted it all out today, barring one order from Australia, with a question mark over the delivery address, as advised by the buyer...

Thanks again to all who have ordered, and hopefully a mod from Lemon will contact me to enlighten me on why I've become a Lemon Outcast!...

Cheers All!