August 18, 2013

FINALLY! - I've managed to add many international destinations, so you can order directly now and get the correct shipping costs at checkout!

Loads of shipping destinations added now guys!

PS - Please note that EVERY item I sell is weighed on a high-precision weighing scale, and that weight is added to the database, so you ONLY pay the EXACT shipping costs I get charged, for the EXACT combined weight in grams, of your items - this I think you'll agree is a 100% fair rate for shipping!

As all calculations are based on Royal Mail's prices, if I find any instances where the auto-calculated shipping costs would actually be cheaper for you via another carrier (for example a large or heavy bulk buy!), then I will of course check into alternative tracked options, and give you a shout before I ship, to see if you'd prefer that, and if so I'll refund the difference!


Well, it took all weekend, but I've so far added:-



France, Germany, Norway, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Hungary

Rest Of World  (This is for all countries not specified above, that Royal Mail charge as "World Zone 1")

As before, as each country has to have ALL of the rates added manually, per weight bracket, 250gm steps up to 2kg, this takes AGES! - if you'd like to purchase, and are in Europe, but your country has not yet been added, then please drop me a line, and I'll add it as soon as I get your email!

All the best!