August 18, 2013

Whoops - my shipping blog didn't seem to have kept my content - here's what I meant to say below!:-

I've so far added "Rest Of World", "France", "Germany", and "Norway", and will be adding the rest of the main European countries this weekend...

As each country has to have ALL of the rates added manually, if you'd like to purchase, and are in Europe, but your country has not yet been added, then please drop me a line, and I'll add it as soon as I get your email!

Please also note that the prices I have put in are JUST for airmail postage, and that I will get proof of posting for all purchases sent, to cover myself.  If you would rather have a signed-for delivery, Royal Mail charges a whopping £5.30 on top for this, so I will see if I can place it as an extra service that can be selected if desired.  (Failing this, you can email me at the time of purchase, and I'll take a separate payment for it, then send it this way?)...

I've done this so that the postage fees are kept as low as I can manage, so please understand that I'm NOT a shop, just a collector, and as such I have no access to cheap signed-for services (or cheaper postage, for that matter  :(   ).

Therefore, the best advice I can give is that if you order larger amounts, then:-

   a) it's normally cheaper broken down per item to post, and...

   b) it's then probably worth paying the £5.30 signed for amount...

Of course, for the rarer/more expensive items I have for sale, it's probably worth adding "International Signed For" anyway, and on this note, please read below:-

PLEASE NOTE! - For orders over £100, I will pay the signed-for fee for ONE package - ie. anything less than 2.01kg combined! - that's like an additional 5% discount!  ;)


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