July 10, 2013

Well, my day job took loads of my time....

...So I've not been able to do much more updating of the site (was, unusually, covering an office abroad!) :(

...hopefully this weekend, I'll have the chance to photograph a LOAD of items, then upload those listings over the coming week...

Please stay tuned - I'm intending to get ahead on this as fast as I can, now I'm at least back in the UK!

Please note - for the sake of convenience, and buyers abroad being able to purchase items NOW, I added a blanket postal price for abroad - please note that this is NOT the price I will charge, but that if buyers wish to purchase items and pay the total given, I will then purchase postage based on the EXACT weight and dimensions once parceled up, attach proof of costs, and REFUND *ALL* OF THE EXCESS as soon as I have booked and purchased the postage for their package.

Hopefully, this is acceptable until I find a better solution, but please, please, feel free to get in touch if you have any queries/concerns!

I stress, I'm a reputable (nearly ex) Ebay seller, with 1,200+ positive feedbacks and absolutely NO negatives - I'm also a trusted member of the Lemon 64 forum, and hopefully this reassures yourselves...   :)