February 05, 2014

2,280+ live items in the Cavern now! - I've added loads again, but I've sold a fair few, hence not a big jump!

Thanks as always for visiting - Lots more Spectrum games listed, and will be photographing LOTS of single-cassette C64 titles again this month, so keep watching if you've got C64 wants!...

All the best!



January 19, 2014

2,200+ items now... ...and a quick heads-up on some items I'll be listing soon!

Hi All - Just to let you know that over the coming week I'll be listing/adding:-

A lovely condition boxed (in excellent condition packaging!) Amiga A1200.

A fully-working, lovely condition Spectrum +3 (also boxed).

A selection of Commodore Format mags (with their covertapes).

A Playstation 2 compatible Namco GCon2 gun + Time Crisis.

...and a bunch of other stuff, along with more Speccy titles I've got to get listed!

All the best, and thanks for stopping by!



January 08, 2014

More stuff added! - 2,110+ live items, and my 4,500th visitor! - thanks guys!

2,110+ items live now! - mainly Speccy stufff added, as I've a backlog of around 300-400 titles to list, but alongside that I'll be listing various other stuff too, so please feel free to keep checking back even if the Speccy isn't your retro weapon of choice!  :)

All the best!



December 27, 2013

More stuff listed! - come take a look!

Crash, Your Sinclair, Sinclair User, C64/128 games, N64 games, SNES games, a few Amiga games, etc all listed since my last blog - hope you find something you need in there!

Festive greetings everyone!



December 20, 2013

More Speccy games listed - and more Crash / Sinclair mags to list shortly!

Still got 1,000's of photo's to go through and list, but come the Christmas period I have a fair bit of time off, so will definitely clear my backlog of 400+ photographed items to list!

Happy Xmas everyone!

December 10, 2013

1,700 LIVE items added! - Lots more Spectrum Stuff!

Have also listed a lovely boxed N64 + Zelda - Ocarina Of Time, a boxed Spectrum +2, and loads more games!

Thanks as always for stopping by!



November 22, 2013

1,500 live items! - lots more spectrum stuff added!

Finally hit another milestone, and hopefully it will get smoother from here!

Thanks for stopping by!

November 11, 2013

Added some mags and a few more games!

Some issues of CRASH, Sinclair User (lots more of those to list still), and various other stuff!

NOTE!:- If buying 10 or more magazines in one order, I'll refund the postage!

November 05, 2013

Next up! - Speccy Stuff!

I know, I know - It's high time I put a load of Speccy stuff on, as I know that there's a massive imbalance at the mo', so the next titles I'll photograph and add will include a load of classic Spectrum titles, amongst whatever pops out at me when I'm a'rummaging!   :)

Stay tuned, and thanks as always for stopping by!



October 31, 2013

Right! - I've made a one-off reduction in ALL of my prices so far - take advantage of it!

Basically, this larger, universal price reduction will replace my existing "Lemon" discount! - Almost all (99%) of my prices are now at LEAST 20-25% less, and in some cases, up to 40% lower, than I originally set them after comparing other sites' prices.
This should mean that you, as a buyer, get a really good deal, and I (reluctantly) clear up my (admittedly lovely, retro) clutter that bit faster!

Take a look, but this is definitely a one-off, so that I can now start listing more items using a similar pricing philosophy to what they now are.

All the best!




PS - 1,300 items listed so far! - still slow going I know, but I am only a lone one-man operation!



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