May 17, 2013

Listing more stuff this weekend (well, in between the awesome Retro Revival event!)

Adding more stuff this weekend - hopefully some 200+ C64 games, and about 30-40 Amiga games!

Don't worry, I'll get quicker at it as time goes by - hoping to have listed over 500 - 1,000 extra items by the end of the month!

Again, I stress - I'm happy to list a particular format, or just check if I have something you're interested in, in particular, so please, feel free to suggest what to attack next!

All the best!




PS - If you can, get yourself to Retro Revival 2013! - it promises to be AWESOME!:-


May 15, 2013

First Post - Go Live!!

Well, here we go! - Finally got tired of using a certain well-known (but hideously expensive to sell on) auction site, so deciding to try and go it alone!

Please note that this is a personal endeavor, and I'm still trying to set aside time / feeling my way as regards setting up certain areas of the site, so please bear with me as regards the site taking a little while to shape up to 100% - I thought it would be better all around if I just made it live while adding content and items for sale, or it would never be opened!  ;)

Hopefully you'll find some items of interest on here, and if you really don't agree with an item's pricing, please feel free to email us (in a positive vein!), and we'll re-examine it... - after all, we're collectors/buyers too, so are open to differences of opinion! :)

...and hopefully you enjoy your visit to Japster's Retro Cavern!



Sold Out