August 22, 2013

Well, finally getting there, and selling some items! :)

At last I'm seeing some visitors, so I'm really pleased it's starting to attract interest!

Thanks to all of you who paid a visit, and more importantly, bought some stuff!

I know I don't have a *huge* amount of stuff listed at this point, so I'll be photographing a LOAD of stuff over the weekend, and over the next week or so, I'm hoping to double what I've got listed! -

Special thanks must go to my fellow Lemoner's at Lemon 64 for coming over and supporting me!:-

...and massive thanks to Frank Gasking, over at Games That Weren't, for the linking and credits sharing for this great result:-

Once again, thanks to all of you!

PS - as it's pretty much required these days, I've also created a Facebook page for the Cavern, so feel free to nip over and suggest any links of interest, ideas for the store, etc, or just to say hello!:-

Oh yeah, and it'll soon have some 'cavern-like' graphics, at last!...  ;)

All the best!