Love 80's / 90's Retrogaming? - Think you're pretty clued up on your games and systems? - then see how you do in my FREE Retro Snippets Challenge!

Over 1,800 UNIQUE challenges are included for you to guess/solve, spread across 8-Bit, 16-Bit, etc, computer and consoles/games/hardware, etc, BUT here's the twist - FIVE games, systems, etc, are included in each puzzle, cut into random SNIPPETS and scattered randomly across the playing field! - Using your knowledge of retrogaming, you must select the correct snippets to spell out the five answers, submitting each until you've guessed them all correctly, to complete each puzzle! - USEFUL TIP!:- if you can make it from one SNIPPET to another without selecting an unrelated SNIPPET, then you can save extra time by 'swiping' through them!

Do it in or under the TARGET TIMES individually set for each level, and you'll get 3 nice shiny stars for hitting or beating the GOLD target, 2 for SILVER, and 1 / BRONZE for simply completing the puzzle outside of the target times!

Currently contains 20 categories, with up to 28 puzzles per set, and 5 challenges per puzzle! - Did I mention? - SNIPPETS are created 100% randomly, between 2-4 letters/characters per SNIPPET, and the challenges order is juggled, so it's a different puzzle every time! - GREAT for replaying, as you definitely won't memorise the SNIPPETS for each puzzle! :D


NOTE:- BRONZE clues can be tapped to cycle more than one clue for that puzzle/game, and if you're REALLY stuck, you can press and HOLD DOWN any clues for 2-3 seconds(with a cool-off/cancel if released earlier, in case it was an honest mistake!) to highlight the correct snippets for the selected puzzle clue. Of course, they probably won't be in the correct order, and you'll have no chance of beating GOLD if you use it!...


Have fun! - I've put a LOT of work into this 100% FREE / FULL game, so please, if you enjoy it, leave me a rating/review, check out my other games, or maybe grab a little retro-flavoured something from my Retro Cavern Site!