September 08, 2013

BIG changes (for the better!) to the way things are laid out and accessed - hope you like it! :)

Thanks to my really good mate who's a dab hand at web development, the site's now got a MUCH better 'flow'!...  :)

Give it a spin, and let me know what you think! - Graphically, it looks way different to before, and will still change (colour scheme, graphics, etc) moving forward.  The important thing is that you can now EITHER drill down from Hardware, Software, etc, to your preferred system(s), OR alternatively, you can pick your system from the left-hand menu, and select which type of stuff you're looking for, for that system only! - Hopefully this makes it waaaay easier to navigate! :)

PS - The "Most Recently Added" section now makes more sense too! - It will show ALL items I've listed on here, but sorted Newest to Oldest, and again you can select ALL stuff, or drill down to only the system of systems/categories YOU are interested in!  :)

NOTE:- A limitation of this shop solution code is the need to list multiple format games under ALL of their formats! - This is why the site may confuse you by throwing up an ATARI option, for example, when browsing C64 games - as I have a copy of Elektraglide with BOTH versions on - Same for Shadowfire, for example - it's both a C64 *AND* Spectrum version!  :)

Oh, and I listed a few more items! - 700+ now on here, and another 150-200 or so to put onover the coming week, more if possible! - Lots of BBC disk games, Amiga and ST games, some VIC 20, and more C64 and Speccie stuff - not massive amounts of each, but a nice varied selection!  :)

All the best!