October 31, 2013

Right! - I've made a one-off reduction in ALL of my prices so far - take advantage of it!

Basically, this larger, universal price reduction will replace my existing "Lemon" discount! - Almost all (99%) of my prices are now at LEAST 20-25% less, and in some cases, up to 40% lower, than I originally set them after comparing other sites' prices.
This should mean that you, as a buyer, get a really good deal, and I (reluctantly) clear up my (admittedly lovely, retro) clutter that bit faster!

Take a look, but this is definitely a one-off, so that I can now start listing more items using a similar pricing philosophy to what they now are.

All the best!




PS - 1,300 items listed so far! - still slow going I know, but I am only a lone one-man operation!