July 02, 2015

A little bit about a cool site, and some great C64 titles about to be added! :)

Hi All!

I'm about to list a bunch of additional (about 30 or so) unlisted C64 titles I found out in the recesses of the Cavern, so please, keep an eye out!  ;)


Secondly, I've just nipped over to Retroleum, ran by Phil Ruston - Have to say it's a GREAT site/resource for parts to mod/fix your Speccy's and C64's!

He also produces a very cool 'SMART' diagnostic card, which doubles up as a Kempston interface and an SDCard based SNA and TAP loader, for just £25! - I've bought one...  ;)    I know that there are a lot of great options out there (DivIDE, Enjoy!, etc), but I liked the price and additional functionality!

Head on over to http://www.retroleum.co.uk/ if that sort of thing would be useful to you!

April 18, 2015

Lots of ZX81 titles just added!

Some common, some VERY rare! - More to list, but need some more time!  :)

All the best,


February 17, 2015

Lots of loose C64 disk titles added, and VIC 20 cassette games to follow!

Just been adding lots of LOOSE, but great, C64 disk titles to the Cavern!

Added about 40 so far, and about 70 more to add! - Great if you want to complete a title, replace a none-working disk, or just want to play a game on disk! - ie. Little Computer People - GREAT on disk, much more to it...  :)

Take a look!

September 05, 2014

New Facebook store and new items are being listed

Hi everyone, we have just created a brand new Facebook store that you can visit here :




You can purchase items directly through that store as well as visiting us on the main website here, it has a drop down menu for the different systems on the right hand side so feel free to start using that as it live now.


We have also just added 2 new sections to the website (also mirrored on the Facebook store), there is Cheap as Chips Selection which has numerous titles for the various systems all for less than £1 and there is also Bargain Basement Selection which has titles once again for the various systems all for £2 and under. On the website store you can select a specific system via the tags at the top of the page making navigation a little easier.


We are also now working on product uploads so make sure you visit often as there will be new items being added virtually every day, yesterday we started to add some original Twin Jewel and Small Card Box Spectrum items. We do have many more items photos ready to be rotated etc for other systems and uploaded so once again, check back often!

May 01, 2014

3,400+ items now - just a quick note to apologise for the quality of some pics - they're older ones!

...taken before I got a better camera - I'm not getting worse, honestly!

Once I've cleared the backlog of grainy Speccy game photo's, normal service will be resumed, but hopefully you can still see enough to ascertain the condition enough... :)

PS - Will be listing some hardware very soon - taking pics at the weekend! (and about time, I know!)  :(

Cheers all!

April 28, 2014

Now up to 3,340 items! - added a load more stuff, including a lot of C64 Hit Squad releases!

Over 3,300 items live on JRC now, and over 8,000 visitors! - Not bad for just myself I think, but still a looooong way to go...

Will be adding more hardware - C64 drives, etc, shortly, and hopefully get a better ratio, with some systems listed on JRC...

PS - if anyone's into books, I've got a load of sci-fi titles, etc, just sitting in the Cavern - may make a section on JRC for them, as it might be relevant - just can't see people coming to JRC to buy books, but hey! - what do I know?  :)

Thanks as always for stopping by, and and all the best!


March 12, 2014

Improved the search, and auto-suggest feature added - try it/play with it!

ie. if you're searching for LLAMASOFT games on the Atari range, you can just type:-

llamasoft atari

into the search box...


...or perhaps:-

hit squad c64

monty spectrum



PS - The search box will now also show you the first ten 'hits' in a selectable list, before you even press enter or click Search!

PPS - I'm still trying to figure out how to get it to ONLY show items in stock, so that will be done soon too!

March 10, 2014

Now 2,570+ items listed - more to follow!

Thanks as always for the support guys!...  :)

PS - I would have listed more of the backlog of photographed items tonight, but it's honestly been a really loooong day! :(

March 01, 2014

Listed a bunch of hard-to-find Atari 8-bit (not 2600) cartridges!

Also have to list a load more of my C64 stuff, some more Atari 8-bit disk and cassette games, and loads more Speccy titles, plus LOADS of Atari ST titles...  (100+)...

Stay tuned!   :)

February 26, 2014


This is definitely worth a read guys!:-


I've managed to get (MUCH) cheaper shipping prices now, so please take a look at the shipping costs as you add items to your cart! - Some large savings on all order weights, and HUGE savings on larger orders!
This relates to ALL shipping costs, and all European destinations, but particularly impressive are the savings made when ordering from Ireland, Australia and the USA...

In addition to this, as a thank you for larger overseas orders on software and smaller peripherals (But not monitors, systems etc! - ie. as they have to be purchases that will fit into a 2KG max package), I'll cover ANY overseas excess postage costs above 2KG, up to a max of 4KG, myself! - (ie. you order 4KG of items, you only pay postage up to 2KG! - take advantage of this one - effectively 50% off postage abroad!)

As for UK orders, I've not left you guys out! - All postage is cheaper, PLUS I've decided to cover the larger purchases postage myself - ie. capped the postage amount at 25KG on anything - monitors, systems, etc - Postage for EVERYTHING in the order above this weight is on me!

All the best, and thanks as always for nipping by!