September 30, 2013

Okay! - 1700 photo's taken, just cropping, etc...

Well, that that an RSI-inducing weekend - I don't even want to SEE my camera again for a few days!

The good news is that I'll start adding lots of new listings here from tomorrow - finally!

PS - 1,700 photo's equals about (roughly) 350-400 additions...   :)

Some Amiga, C64, C64 Disk, Atari ST, and even a fair few Megadrive titles...    Watch this space!

PS - For all of your computer-only or console-only searching sessions - I'll be adding tags for console stuff, to make it easier/separate it fully from computer-related items.

This way you won't have to wade through page after page of items which are nothing to do with computers, and vice-versa...   (Not such an issue now, but will definitely be an issue as I add more and more stuff, so best to catch it early!)

If I can get it working how I want to, you'll be able to select (in addition to the normal systems selections on the left), an additional pair of catalog start points, either "Computer Stuff" or "Console Stuff", then drill down from there! - easy!...   :)