February 26, 2014


This is definitely worth a read guys!:-


I've managed to get (MUCH) cheaper shipping prices now, so please take a look at the shipping costs as you add items to your cart! - Some large savings on all order weights, and HUGE savings on larger orders!
This relates to ALL shipping costs, and all European destinations, but particularly impressive are the savings made when ordering from Ireland, Australia and the USA...

In addition to this, as a thank you for larger overseas orders on software and smaller peripherals (But not monitors, systems etc! - ie. as they have to be purchases that will fit into a 2KG max package), I'll cover ANY overseas excess postage costs above 2KG, up to a max of 4KG, myself! - (ie. you order 4KG of items, you only pay postage up to 2KG! - take advantage of this one - effectively 50% off postage abroad!)

As for UK orders, I've not left you guys out! - All postage is cheaper, PLUS I've decided to cover the larger purchases postage myself - ie. capped the postage amount at 25KG on anything - monitors, systems, etc - Postage for EVERYTHING in the order above this weight is on me!

All the best, and thanks as always for nipping by!