April 05, 2016

New PSU's! - may be useful to lots of my retro visitors...

After finding that adaptors are even scarcer than some of the machines I'm selling off, I've managed to source and offer these 9V, 1A UK-Pin (I can source Euro too, if required) power supplies/adaptors, suitable for use with ALL of the following:-


* NOTE:- Photo's show these adaptors powering SIX different consoles, but they will almost certainly power additional consoles, and they also have an in-line adaptor giving 2 size options, hence Nintendo AND Sega compatible sizes. *

I'll check suitability for use with other machines (ORIC, Spectrum, classic handheld (Astro Wars, etc), etc), and update the listing if I personally find them compatible... :)

PLEASE NOTE - I also have alternative adaptors, which will happily power up old Atari consoles, etc, and anything voltage / connector-compatible - going to check into/confirm regarding ZX80 / ZX81 machines too!


March 21, 2016

Just listed another 150 or so cheap 'n' cheerful Speccy games!

So, if you're looking for some cheap re-released classics, or just to fill in gaps in your Mastertronic, Kixx, Firebird, etc collections, take a look!

Thanks as always!


March 15, 2016

Listed another 50 or so of my outstanding unlisted games!

Listed a few harder-to-find (and some common of course!) C64 single and clamshell titles, plus some CPC disk games, Speccy games, etc...
LOTS of my retro PC Big Box games to list soon, some of them VERY hard to get hold off - watch this space!

January 21, 2016

LOADS more games listed! - Please feel free to have a browse... :)

Mainly PC, C64, and Spectrum, but also about 50 MSX titles, amongst other bits!

Boxed Spectrum 48K+, Unboxed Spectrum 48K+, C64 + C64GS cartridge gammes, and a whole bunch of tested, working 1541 disk drive + games bundles!

Much more to follow - I'm now up to over 4,550 items LIVE and available in the Cavern!

Cheers all, and thanks for stopping by!

November 12, 2015

A few more ZX81 and Atari 8-bit items listed!

If ZX81's or Atari 8-bit computers are your thing, you may find something of interest newly added!

More listings to come over the next few days, including some C64 bits and bobs!  :)

November 07, 2015

Quick upcoming listings update, and a shout out for a GREAT repair service!

Just a quick heads-up that I'm readying a load of games to list very soon - PC, C16/Plus/4, MSX, C64, and ATARI, for starters, followed by about 20 AceTronic titles, plus a couple of Acetronic consoles...  :)

Also, a HUGE shout out and vote of confidence for Ian and Alex Gledhill, of MUTANT CATERPILLER's repair services!

Experienced their repair service first-hand, great price, and superb service - my faulty Sinclair 128K Speccy 'Toastrack' back up and running, plus a lovely clean and service to boot! - Recommended!:-    http://www.mutant-caterpillar.co.uk/shop/


September 09, 2015

The FREE / LITE Version of my CATFLAP game is now on the Google Play Store!!! - iOS to follow!...

Hi guys! - The FREE/upgradeable version of my 'CATFLAP!' game is now on Google Play! (The FREE iOS version is coming too, just in review at the moment, though my full 79p iOS version is already live on the App Store in the meantime)  :)


Loads of game modes (In fact all modes found in the full game, just limited to 20 checkpoints (10 for RUSH mode) - it'll take a while to even get good at scoring massive point across that many checkpoints anyway!), Tweetable scores for bragging rights! - and it's NOT Flappy Bird, there's a LOT more to it - lots of great risk 'n' reward gameplay, high scores, achievements, I think you'll love it once you get good at taking chances to maximise your score!

Please help me out and spread the word / give it a try for me, maybe even let me know if you liked it / rate it? :) - what's to lose!  :p

PS - Some GREAT chip music from Fuxoft coming into the game with the next release, shortly!  :)

Cheers all!!


August 31, 2015

Some new goodies listed on the Cavern!

Hi All!

I've added a few complete system bundles to the Cavern - an Amiga 500 bundle, 3 x C64C bundles, 2 x C16 bundles - everything you need - tape decks, games, etc!

Plus, I've managed to list some more Amiga, PC, Amstrad CPC, Tandy/Apple II/Atari 8-bit etc titles, and some great handheld games! - please, take a look!

July 16, 2015

Well, what an update!! 4,100 LIVE items now on the store!

...and more to come soon, courtesy of my good friend Iain's help! - I've added a huge amount of items for now - Sega Megadrive / Genesis games, Master System games, C64 games, Atari 8-bit games, Spectrum games, and a bunch of other stuff!

In other news, I just want to inform you all that I am on holiday for 2 weeks as of 16/07/2015, so if you purchase anything from me in that time, please understand that there will be a delay in shipping your item, but please be assured that, as always, I WILL ship it/them as soon as I'm able!

Thanks again for the visits and support all, and best wishes!



July 10, 2015

I've been busy listing, this week guys!...

Right! - off to bed! - Managed to list another couple of hundred items this week, and just now, 70 or so Megadrive/Genesis titles...

So, all in all, a mixture of C64, Speccy, Master System, Megadrive/Genesis, and Atari 8-bit gems, plus an Atari ST classic, and a few CPC games, over the last week...

Please step inside and take a look, even if only for nostalgia's sake!

That's not all! - There are at least 120 more Megadrive titles to list, and another 80 or so C64 titles, with another 50 or so Master System titles to follow in the next week or 2...  :)

All the best!