September 05, 2014

New Facebook store and new items are being listed

Hi everyone, we have just created a brand new Facebook store that you can visit here :


You can purchase items directly through that store as well as visiting us on the main website here, it has a drop down menu for the different systems on the right hand side so feel free to start using that as it live now.


We have also just added 2 new sections to the website (also mirrored on the Facebook store), there is Cheap as Chips Selection which has numerous titles for the various systems all for less than £1 and there is also Bargain Basement Selection which has titles once again for the various systems all for £2 and under. On the website store you can select a specific system via the tags at the top of the page making navigation a little easier.


We are also now working on product uploads so make sure you visit often as there will be new items being added virtually every day, yesterday we started to add some original Twin Jewel and Small Card Box Spectrum items. We do have many more items photos ready to be rotated etc for other systems and uploaded so once again, check back often!