September 09, 2015

The FREE / LITE Version of my CATFLAP game is now on the Google Play Store!!! - iOS to follow!...

Hi guys! - The FREE/upgradeable version of my 'CATFLAP!' game is now on Google Play! (The FREE iOS version is coming too, just in review at the moment, though my full 79p iOS version is already live on the App Store in the meantime)  :)

Loads of game modes (In fact all modes found in the full game, just limited to 20 checkpoints (10 for RUSH mode) - it'll take a while to even get good at scoring massive point across that many checkpoints anyway!), Tweetable scores for bragging rights! - and it's NOT Flappy Bird, there's a LOT more to it - lots of great risk 'n' reward gameplay, high scores, achievements, I think you'll love it once you get good at taking chances to maximise your score!

Please help me out and spread the word / give it a try for me, maybe even let me know if you liked it / rate it? :) - what's to lose!  :p

PS - Some GREAT chip music from Fuxoft coming into the game with the next release, shortly!  :)

Cheers all!!