October 31, 2017

IMPORTANT - Overseas Customers - shipping prices have increased... :(

Hi all!


I just wanted to bring to your attention the fact that I've been absorbing excess postage costs for my overseas customers a while now, and so I've had to reluctantly set my postage rates to industry-standard ones, and choose a slower, economy overseas delivery service to reduce the price increase... :(

Ps - If you order larger orders of heavy but maybe larger items, the postage is going to differ from the purely weight-based estimates, so again, I'll cover any excess if MORE, and if for some reason it's CHEAPER, I'll of course refund any extra postage costs...

Hopefully this is acceptable to you guys! - it was great while I could do it, but with more, and especially for smaller overseas orders, I can't really afford to continue to do it any more...

On another note, I've managed to work out a cheaper way to send eg - single and double sized jewels to the UK, so these postage prices should generally be slightly cheaper!

Thanks in advance for your understanding, and again, if
ordering larger orders at once, the postage should
actually end up being cheaper than previously!

Den / Japster