November 25, 2017

11,111 items LIVE in the Cavern! - 15% CELEBRATION DISCOUNT TIME!

Well, *CRAZY* busy time over the last few days, none-stop finally adding all manner of goodies I'd photographed already,' to the Cavern! - Absolutely done in for now, but figured I'd celebrate my 11,111 (!!!) item milestone with a l'il discount!
So, if ordering any software, manuals, mags or books from the Cavern in the next week or so (Valid until 23:59pm on December 2nd!), just use "11K_WOW15", and a handy 15% of your goodies' cost will remain in your pocket! :) ...or 15% more stuff in your basket, I must admit I like that idea better, ha ha! ;)
PS - Apparently, to automatically apply the discount to an order you create, just visit using this link!:-
Thanks as always for the support guys! - and remember, it's normally much cheaper (and I will ALWAYS refund any extra paid, once sent) combined postage on larger orders!