Available NOW, on STEAM! - On Windows, (and soon, MacOS, and Linux!) - A matching up / strategy game with a BIG twist!

Play either Solo, or against up to 3 CPU *or* Human opponents.

Take turns to place your pieces onto the board, trying to score the maximum points you can with your current piece, each turn. (and in TIMED modes, in as fast a time as you can for bonus points, and be quick, before you lose your turn!)

BIG points are not the ONLY way to play the game - you can also play sneakily (as well as strategically) too, to stop your opponents from getting a better score, or force the end of the game by blocking potential moves by your opponents!


Tetraminos - but used in a never-before-seen way to strategically play!
100's of unique playing boards to choose from (OR CREATE! - Level creator/editor included!).
Some VERY sneaky CPU opponents! ;)
SOLO game mode - Try to beat your best scores for any given level, either in untimed, timed, or the new:-

BLITZ mode! Try and keep the ever-decreasing meter topped up by getting the best scoring moves!

LIMITED MOVES mode! Start with a limited amount of moves, and try and keep the game going by getting free turns for the best scoring moves!

SOCIAL/COMPETITIVE mode - Try to beat your friends and a selection of intelligent CPU opponents with varying styles of play. (Possibly Online Multi-player soon!)

Music Jukebox and a selection of music to play along to, for added ambience!

Running tally of all players' average skill level (Points scored per turn, vs. Points available)

Achievements and challenges! - ranging from Solo board clears, Levels beaten, beating the CPU players, beating the best time (AT at least X% IQ), and many more!

...More to come!

Additionally, you can play in STANDARD or TIMED MOVES mode, BLITZ mode, LIMITED MOVES or the NEW Puzzle Mode, complete with per-level save states!  

...More to come!

Give it a try! - If you love strategy or puzzle games, or beating your friends or the computer on them, I think you'll like it!