This page is here to make it absolutely clear to any individual or organisation, that under NO circumstances do I (Denis Evans), nor Japster's Cavern (my software development entity), hold or use, pass on, etc, ANY private, personal or identifiable information/data belonging to ANY users of my games or applications.

Post-GDPR (May 25th, 2018) if an application or game of mine features any EXTERNAL adverts (ie. that may contain targeted adverts), then you will be clearly informed, and due to GDPR legislation you can opt out of this and therefore opt out of playing my apps (or you can alternatively purchase some of these apps and avoid advertising altogether!).

ie. Retro Snippets uses two built-in adverts for my own applications, and does not load ANY advertisement from a network.

Other games may do so due to serving adverts from Google and other adverts networks, but again, if these networks serve targeted advertisements, you can opt out of these by confirming when initially asked by an advertisement-funded game or application.