Well, I'm also trying my hand at App development! - This may look like yet another flappy wotsit game, but it's NOT, honestly! - it's far more skills based, and rewards clever, skillful play with huge bonuses!

If you're looking for a quick pick-up diversion, and fancy chasing some skills-based achievements, please give this a try! - for the moment, I can only provide a paid version, but will be making a free (but of course Ads-based) version available later on!  (I also tried setting the price LOWER than 50p/69p for Google Play and the App Store respectively, but neither Apple or Google would let me!...  :(



Take Catflap on a tug-tastic adventure! - Great one-touch gameplay for everyone!

Help Catflap on his tricky trip to collect butterflies, show off his dodging skills, and maybe teach ol' Rufus a lesson or two in the process!

...Or when your skills have been proven, maybe you can take Catflap on a rush trip? it's a blast!

Please note!:- Catflap features fast, smooth, skill-based gameplay, so in order to maximise your game experience, please ensure that you close any unnecessary recent apps on your phone prior to loading! (this can normally be done by holding down and releasing your HOME or MENU button, dependent upon phone model, and swiping the apps off-screen)



Simply touch (or hold, for a longer pull!) anywhere on screen to quickly tug UP on Catflap's ropes, and pull him up to help him to dodge pipes, avoid the ground, jump on Rufus, and catch those yummy butterflies!

Catflap is pretty tough, but his beloved beach ball isn't! - So - Golden Rule! - try to not let Catflap's beach ball hit any hazards... :)

...If you're feeling extra skilful, you can try grazing Catflap himself close to pipes, the ground, way up in the sky, etc for HUGE bonus points! In combo mode these can be chained up together to create some huge bonuses!

...each trick done between 2 pipes counts, so get some cool combo's, with matching trick values and gem colours, and straight runs! (ie...111, 222, 123, 777, 789, 10 10 10, etc!)



The works! - Catflap can collect his butterflies for bonus points, land on dopey Rufus for a nice fat bonus, and build up combos!


Same game as above, with combos to chase, but without the added headache of aiming for Rufus and butterflies for extra points! - TIP! - also makes this an easier mode to earn the lower Combo Achievements!


Pure skill is the only way you'll beat your friends' scores on this mode! no combos, just points per trick!


Available once your Catflappin' skills are proven! Heh heh....

SUPERFAST trip, with smaller gaps! - How many pipes can you get Catflap through before the inevitable?! :)


Slightly easier version of the Butterfly Trip, with larger gaps! - Catflap can collect his butterflies for bonus points, land on dopey Rufus for a nice fat bonus, and build up combos!


Harder version of the Butterfly Trip for veteran Catflappers, with a touch more speed, and much smaller gaps! - Catflap can still collect his butterflies for bonus points, land on dopey Rufus for a nice fat bonus, and build up combos if you're skilled enough!

** NOTES! **

Catflap saves ALL mode scores in a separate high score table for each, so feel free to try the other Trip modes and fight it out for each one with your friends and family!

ie. There'll be some modes that you're the best at, and some you might not be, giving everyone a chance!

...and there'll be more modes to follow!