Japster's Library (Fiction) (31 items)

Here you can find (as I go through listing it all!) my extensive library of 300-400 Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Horror books that I've decided to let go, in addition to my retro goodies!

If you like to relax and read an actual physical book, then please, take a look! - Most of my books are listed very cheaply (and I assure you, will always be significantly cheaper than Amazon's UK's matching title lowest offer prices, at the time of listing!), but of course some of the harder-to-find, larger or more desirable books will cost a bit more! - Some of the hardback titles I have are HUGE, but should still only cost a maximum of £2.95 postage to the UK....

Of course, as Royal Mail postage can be expensive for one book, it might be best to pick a few at a time, and still fit into that £2.95 Royal mail 2KG bracket!  ;)   Then it works out a LOT cheaper postage per book...  :)



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